Top 10 Construction Lien Errors

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We all agree that the construction lien is virtually the best tool to guarantee payment on construction projects. But like many other statutory creations, there are plenty of dos and don’ts. Many mistakes are made on a daily basis by … Read More

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Mechanics Lien – California – Prompt Payment

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California Prompt Payment Statute Did Not Apply to Lump Sum Contract. McAndrew v. Hazegh (2005) 128 Cal.App.4th 1563. A General Contractor entered into a construction contract with Owner. When the work was completed, the General Contractor submitted an invoice showing … Read More

Mechanics Lien update

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Chapter 78 of the Oklahoma Session Laws (H.B. 1087) amends Sections 141 and 143 of the Oklahoma lien statutes that explictly provides that profit and overhead are permissible components of a lien claim. The language was added because the prior … Read More

Illinois Mechanic Lien Statute Strengthened

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Illinois Mechanic Lien Statute Strengthened by House Bill 3636 On January 7, 2013 House Bill 3636 passed both Houses of the Illinois General Assembly strengthening the Illinois Mechanic Lien Statute.  The new law became effective immediately.  This bill strengthens the … Read More