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If You Have a Project in Texas, Make Your Payment Request Successful With These 5 Tips

If You Have a Project in Texas, Make Your Payment Request Successful With These 5 Tips

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Construction professionals working in Texas are busy building everything from new houses to industrial facilities and working to meet tight project deadlines. It’s important, then, that any payment request you submit for work in Texas is successful and gets paid in a timely fashion. After all, this huge state also has a complicated set of lien laws that make getting paid up front vastly preferable to filing a mechanics lien. Here are our top five tips to help you make sure that if you work in Texas your payment request gets approved as fast as possible.

#1 Make Sure Your Invoice is Formatted Properly

The first time you send an invoice to a new party, especially if they’re a big contractor or lender, it is wise to have your office put in a quick call to their account manager to see if there’s anything special that needs to be included on the invoice or any formatting details that will ensure it’s paid promptly.

#2 Include Clear Details

Sending a detailed invoice, especially if the invoice is a large one, is a great way to encourage prompt payment. When the person reviewing the invoice can clearly see what they’re paying for, how it aligns to project deadlines, and even a breakdown of materials and labor, then they are less likely to have questions or, if they do, those questions can be easily answered. Being able to deal with a small question on only a portion of the invoice means payment will come sooner rather than a large, unclear bill that is waiting for someone to try and figure out what it covers and what is still outstanding.

#3 Prepare Required Notices

Depending on the type of project you’ve worked on in Texas and your place in the contracting chain, there are different notice requirements. Make sure you’re aware of these requirements and have your notices prepared and ready to go in a timely fashion. It’s important to note that most of these notices are due on the 15th day of the month.

#4 Make Collections Calls

While often dreaded, collections calls can be handled in a friendly, professional manner, especially when you’re following up on a payment request for work in Texas. Just ask nicely if the invoice was received, if they have any questions about any of the items, and when you can expect payment.

#5 Follow A Process

Your office should have a clear, standardized process for sending preliminary notices, other required notices, and filing mechanics liens just as you do invoices. When your office is known to be on top of matters and efficient, the person owning you payment will know that, at the right time, a mechanics lien will be filed if payment hasn’t been received.

Getting paid in a timely fashion is about having good processes set up at every point in your business from taking information on a new job to tracking work completed and sending out invoices. If you need help with any step in the process, or if it looks like you’ll need to file a mechanics lien, reach out to the experienced team at National Lien & Bond. We offer free consultations for potential new clients where we listen to your problems and discuss your specific needs and how our multi-state team can help.


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