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What to do When a Lien Just Isn’t Enough and You Need a Lien Lawyer’s Help?

What to do When a Lien Just Isn’t Enough and You Need a Lien Lawyer’s Help?

Filing a mechanics lien is generally a straightforward process, but there are many little details that can complicate this process. In these situations, bringing in a lien lawyer can be useful. Lawyers offer several advantages over doing it yourself. They can also handle the process when the lien really isn’t enough to get you paid. Here are a few situations where having a lien lawyer help you can make a big difference.

  • Familiarity with Details: Lawyers who practice construction law and specialize in handling mechanics liens are very familiar with the process, what needs to be on the form and the detailed preferences of each county. They have the filing process streamlined and can handle your liens quickly and easily. You can be confident your work is handled properly and that the lawyer is already aware of the situation if your lien needs to progress into a collections action.
  • Special Cases: If one party on a construction project is filing for bankruptcy, or if the project spans state lines, or there is some other complicating factor, your lien lawyer can help you sort through the paper work, file the liens, and handle any issues that may come up while preserving your right to be paid. These special cases are often complex and require someone who knows the rules to both pay attention and advocate for your position. A lien lawyer is not only qualified to do so, they’re experienced at helping resolved these situations as quickly as possible.
  • Negotiations: Having that esquire after their name gives them extra leverage in helping negotiate a resolution for you. If you’re dealing with someone who is simply refusing to pay, or not in a position to do so, bringing your lien lawyer to the table can help get a stuck process moving. Not only will the lawyer be an experienced negotiator, they’ll also have a wealth of ideas of possible resolutions to suggest.
  • Complex Liens: Dealing with bond companies, a project in multiple states, or handling many different types of projects can all make the lien filing process complex. An attorney will pay attention to the nuances of the different lien laws to ensure each different lien is filed correctly.
  • Help with Business Processes: Your lien lawyer can help you set up a business process for your construction firm that takes you from intake form to invoicing to tracking and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

When looking for a lien lawyer, you want someone with experience in construction law who can work everywhere you work. Straightforward if you work in only one town, but if your business takes you across state lines, you’ll want a lawyer that can work with you wherever you go. The team at National Lien & Bond not only has over 30 years of experience, we have handled projects spanning multiple states and industries. So if you’re looking for a lien lawyer who can help you set up your process, manage your lien filings, or deal with an unexpected or complex situation, reach out to learn how we can help.


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