Webinar: Protect what you are owed in turbulent times

Michael BogosianMechanics Lien

Your Construction and Mechanic’s Lien Rights Matter Now More Than Ever!

End your non-payment woes. Learn how to protect yourself and collect what you’re owed. 

Getting paid can be slow and difficult and the ongoing pandemic has greatly amplified this risk. More and more contractors struggle with the growing challenges of collecting monies on every job.

Whether problems arise from stalled communication or businesses failing and filing for bankruptcy, your lien rights matter now more than ever! 

  • Verify your lien rights and protect your assets
  • Get paid regardless of circumstances
  • Work with the new trends in construction law challenging the industry

You will also get an exclusive preview of our 2021 monthly coaching series designed to help construction professionals like yourself understand mechanic’s liens from A to Z.


Please find the downloadable Project Data Sheet HERE to start a no-cost review of your receivables.