January Lien Law Update: Liens show unpaid construction bills at Hall of Fame Stadium, Solar Projects

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Hall of Fame stadium
Liens show unpaid construction bills at Hall of Fame Stadium

The Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, OH shows that seven companies have filed a total of $5.7 million in mechanics liens against HOF Village Stadium LLC and the Stark County Port Authority. Local contractors that participated in the construction of the stadium from August 2016 to December 2017, the second phase of stadium construction, were forced to file mechanics liens in an effort to preserve their right to payment on the project. Hall of Fame Village LLC issued a statement indicating that they were aware of the problems and working with all parties to resolve the issues. Read More.

Customers sued after solar contractor failed to pay suppliers

A number of families in Jacksonville, Florida are faced with unexpected mechanics liens on their homes after purchasing solar panels and paying the contractor for installation. The contractor, American Solar Energy, LLC, neglected to pay its supplier UMA Distributions, for supplies used in the project. The homeowners financed the work and paid the contractor for the full amount but failed to get a signed waiver of lien, leaving them open to mechanics lien claims from the supplier. Read More.

Liens removed from Utah homes after solar installer “settles it out” with panel supplier

A similar problem occurred in Utah where homeowners paid a contractor, Alliance Solar, in full and then found themselves subject to mechanics liens from the supplier. In all, more than $408,000 in mechanics liens were place on homes by the supplier. Alliance Solar worked with the supplier to reach a settlement and reorganize the way it does business to prevent a problem in the future and save stress for homeowners. Read More.


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