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Lien Law Update: Cor Development sues NY State for $567,000 | Sacramento Kings face $36 Million in Liens

Lien Law Update: Cor Development sues NY State for $567,000 | Sacramento Kings face $36 Million in Liens


Every month we gather the most pressing developments in lien law nationwide, so that you can stay informed and on top of any developments affecting your projects or company. Here are our highlights for the month of March:

Cor sues NY for $567,000 the state won’t pay because of pending criminal case

A recent lawsuit filed by Cor Development, Inc. against the state of New York alleges over half a million dollars in unpaid construction bills that remain unpaid after the construction of a state-owned facility. The bill has not been paid as two Cor executives face criminal charges over a bid-rigging scheme. Read More.

AGRiMED says it doesn’t owe construction company $700K for work

In Pennsylvania, AGRiMED Industries responded to a lawsuit and mechanics lien filed by Accelerated Construction Services saying that they are unsure why they are named since they do not owe any money. The contention comes over the construction of a medical marijuana growing facility and involves a contract with Cumberland Leasing. Read More.

Sacramento Kings face $36 million in liens on marquee downtown hotel tower

A new hotel tower constructed next to the Golden 1 Center arena that has been heavily promoted as a place to stay and play is facing a series of contract disputes from many contractors who have worked on the still unfinished project. The general contractor, Swinerton Builders, filed the large mechanics lien. Read More.

Keeping up with changes in the law and current relevant events is one of the important aspects of our work at National Lien & Bond. We want to make sure our clients are following the right processes for mechanics liens in every jurisdiction and are able to take advantage of the latest changes and improvement in the law. We also ensure clients are informed on changes to other construction laws that may affect them in the future.

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