February Lien Law Update: Developer Of NYC Amazon Site Owes Contractor $7.2M | Subcontractor files suit for $1M nonpayment for Omaha cemetery work | More

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NYC Amazon Site Credit to: Xabier Cid, Flickr
Developer Of NYC Amazon Site Owes Contractor $7.2M, Lien Says

An Amazon fulfillment center near New York City is derailed after the developer failed to pay a contractor $7.2 million for work performed over a three-year period. The contractor filed a mechanics lien on the property. Further, the worker’s union filed a lien claiming unpaid expenses from the rental of equipment for workers on the NYC Amazon site. Construction of the site has paused due to cold temperatures and there is concern that if these liens are not resolved soon, construction could be further delayed. Read More.

Lawsuit: Shoddy work delays Hampton Inn near OP soccer complex 

A new Hampton Inn near Overland Park in Kansas City has been delayed for over five months and the general contractor is suing a subcontractor for failure to meet project specifications and lack of effort to remedy the problem. After the general contractor cancelled the contract for the subcontractor, the subcontractor filed a mechanics lien against the property. The case will work it’s way through the legal system unless a resolution is reached. Meanwhile, the general contractor has hired new subcontractors to complete the work. Read More.

Subcontractor files suit for $1M nonpayment for Omaha cemetery work

A masonry company from Iowa responsible for working at Omaha National Cemetery in Nebraska is suing both the general contractor and the insurance company claiming that they are owed $1.25 million plus interest of the $3.2 million project. Since this is a federal project, instead of being able to file a mechanics lien, the company is required to file a claim with the general contractor’s bond company. Read More.

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