How to Make a Florida Construction Lien Effective

How to Make a Florida Construction Lien Effective

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The construction industry is growing in Florida, as the demand for homes is increasing by the people. Hence, it has given an edge to the construction contractors and material suppliers in Florida to expand their businesses. Also, the lien rules in Florida for construction and material suppliers are also transparent and strong which secures rights for them. So, you will get the right justice to file a lien against construction works and pay dues for labor to the owner. For this aim, you need to contact the best Florida construction attorney who can secure your construction rights and file a lien against the owner in a legal way.

If you are going to file a lien against the property owner, you need to follow up all standard construction lien rules in Florida. Also, it is necessary to ensure that your construction lien against the owner is effective.

1. Eligibility to File a Lien

First, you need to identify your eligibility to file a lien against the owner. There are certain things you need to match up to file a lien such as:

•             You are eligible to file a lien if you have contributed to work for constructing a building or property project of the owner.

•             If you are a building material supplier or contractor and have supplied construction material and did not receive full payment, you are eligible to file a lien.

2. Send Notice to Owner

To claim your pending amount from the owner, you should send a lien notice to him on time. You should send a lien notice to the owner within 45 days of starting the work or material supply. You can send notice to the owner via email, court notice, or hard copy delivered by a person. For more help, you can contact a Florida construction attorney to send a notice to the owner.

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3. Prepare Your Lien

It is also significant to know how to prepare a valid lien against the owner. Make sure, your lien details are accurate and conclude information about all completed and non-completed work. Besides, the lien should also include details of material delivery, due payment, attorney’s fees, and other legal things associated with the case.

4. Importance of Timing

It is also important to file or send a notice to the owner on time. If you did not receive the payment within 60 days of work completed, you can send an invoice or notice again. If you fail to record a claim of lien within 90 days, it will be fatal. After that, your lien will consider use either null or void.

Thus, above are some important points that you need to consider to make your Florida construction lien effective as per the rules. To make this possible, you can take the services of a Florida construction attorney. You will find the best construction attorneys in Florida-based law firms. For instance, you can approach “National Lien & Bond” which is a trusted law firm based in Florida city. For more details visit the website

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