Essential Lien Law Updates to Close out the Year

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essential lien law updates

2017 saw projects from major hotels to nuclear power plants deal with mechanics liens and changes in lien law designed to make it harder to file liens against public officials. Keeping up with changes in the law is one of the important aspects of our work at National Lien & Bond. Here are a few more essential lien law updates to close out the year.

Mechanics Lien Legislation in Wisconsin

New legislation in the state of Wisconsin takes a mechanics lien and automatically converts it into a bond claim. Our attorneys are watching this legislation closely and believe that this might be turning into a major trend in mechanics lien legislation. Read More.

Lawsuits, unpaid bills cast shadow over large Minnesota solar energy project

The Aurora solar project, which features over 16 solar sites and is one of the largest in Minnesota, has become subject to numerous mechanics lien claims from subcontractors as the project is delayed. By one estimate, over $85 million is currently owed to subcontractors. Read More.

Voestalpine gets extension to settle payment dispute

Due to ongoing recovery from Hurricane Harvey, steel company Voestalpine gets a three month extension to settle more than $60 million in disputed payments for the port in Corpus Christi. This is the third extension they have received. Read More.

Hoffman withdraws mysterious $50 million lien on Intel’s D1X factory

Hoffman Construction Company, general contractor for the most advanced chip factory in the world, recently withdrew their lien against Intel’s factory in Hillsoboro, OR. Intel released a statement that the dispute had been “amicably resolved” while Hoffman declined to comment.  Read more.



We want to make sure National Lien & Bond clients know about any legislative change that might affect them and are following the right processes for mechanics liens in every jurisdiction. We keep an eye on the news and legislation and are able to take advantage of the latest changes and improvement in the law for our clients. Reach out to the team at National Lien & Bond to learn more about the services we offer to construction businesses.


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