lien waivers in Florida

3 Key Details of Lien Waivers in Florida

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The lien waiver process is an essential part of every construction project across the U.S. The right to file a mechanic’s lien provides important financial protection for contractors and subcontractors. Similarly, the right to request a lien waiver protects a … Read More


What is Anti-Indemnity in Construction Law?

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Indemnification is when you agree by contract to hold someone harmless for damage arising out of the contract. For example, this occurs when a subcontractor agrees to indemnify the general contractor for any instances where their employees are hurt on … Read More

lien waivers in Illinois

3 Key Details of Lien Waivers in Illinois

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As part of a private construction project, you’ll likely be exchanging payment for a signed lien waiver. If you’re working on a project in Illinois, it’s important to know that there isn’t a statutorily set lien waiver form like many … Read More