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Can waivers of lien form get you paid or not?

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What Is a Waiver of Lien Form? During the mechanics lien process, lien waiver forms are used by contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and others to acknowledge payment and to release lien rights, either immediately or upon actual receipt of payment. Since … Read More

10 Ways A Mechanics Lien Gets You Paid

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The intimidating part of working on a construction project is getting paid. No matter how careful the contractors are, there comes a time when they don’t get paid for their work. In many cases, the mechanics lien law is here … Read More

Top 10 Construction Lien Errors

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We all agree that the construction lien is virtually the best tool to guarantee payment on construction projects. But like many other statutory creations, there are plenty of dos and don’ts. Many mistakes are made on a daily basis by … Read More

California mechanics lien law

Mechanics Lien – California – Prompt Payment

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California Prompt Payment Statute Did Not Apply to Lump Sum Contract. McAndrew v. Hazegh (2005) 128 Cal.App.4th 1563. A General Contractor entered into a construction contract with Owner. When the work was completed, the General Contractor submitted an invoice showing … Read More